Borrego Springs, California

Welcome to Borrego Springs

Today we left Chula Vista to drive to Borrego Springs, only a two hour drive from San Diego. We took longer because we didn’t want to drive the RV along the narrow back roads through Julian, so we stayed on the highway and headed to El Centro and arrived at Borrego Springs three hours later. We are staying in the beautiful Springs at Borrego RV Resort. Borrego Springs is an interesting town without a single stop light, and night time lighting is kept to a minimum to protect the views of the night sky, because Borrego Springs was designated as California’s first International Dark-Sky Community. One evening we enjoyed the dark night sky gazing at the stars through the large telescopes set up in the Park. We took a trip back to Julian, not far from here, to enjoy the wonderful and delicious apple pies.

Another interesting characteristic of Borrego Springs is the magical menagerie of free-standing metal sculptures scattered throughout the area. The gifts of visionary town benefactor Dennis Avery and the craft of sculptor Ricardo Breceda, are the dozens of metal creatures that appear almost natural on Avery’s  private land known as Galleta Meadows. There are camels, wild horses, sloths, llamas, saber tooth tigers, mammoths, giant birds, wild pigs and of course dragons. There are a total of 140 creatures and the most spectacular one that we liked was the large serpent coming up and out of the ground several times. Very unusual!! Click on thumbnail to view images

Borrego Springs Skyart Sculptures of Ricaro Breceda

We spent a day driving through the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, up the Coyote Canyon, on a four-wheel-drive road. The cactus plants were in full bloom, the ocotillos were a bright red-orange color and the palo verde trees were a brilliant gold. We crossed a creek in the jeep and headed up a rocky road, Bob drove while I took the video. What a fun ride, if you like to get knocked around. Click on thumbnail to view images

Wildflower in Coyote Canyon

The Springs at Borrego RV and Golf Resort is one of the nicest parks we have stayed in. The Golf Course is a full nine-hole course and we played it several times. There is also Pickle ball at the Park and we played with some wonderful people. They held a round robin tournament on a Saturday afternoon in the hot sun at the La Casa Del Zorro Resort. It was a lot of fun and I ended up with the most points and won the tournament, Bob came second. Our prizes were gift certificates of $50 for 1st place and $25 for 2nd place, with the $75 gift certificate we enjoyed a great dinner sitting around the pool and listening to live music. Our last day here I wanted to see the sunrise over the desert. I drove up the mountain before the sun came up and was able to experience the best sunrise I have seen in a long time. We had to end our stay here with the sunset, so we drove to Fonts Point where we had magnificent views of the Borrego Badlands and the entire Borrego Valley,while watching the sun go down over the desert. Click on thumbnail to view images


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