’69 Mets 53rd Reunion, Brentwood Bay

We left Ferndale WA early in the morning to catch the BC Ferry from Tsawwassen To Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. After quick tour and great lunch in Sydney we headed to the Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa to begin the 53rd Mets Reunion. After a little sightseeing around Brentwood Bay we all congregated in the bar and enjoyed a great meal rehashing old (very old) war stores. The next day we all met at Butchart Gardens under blue skies to enjoy the marvellous flowers and landscaping.  We finished the day with another group dinner at a local pub.  On our last day we all met at Tom and Margaret Lidkea’s home in Oak Bay.  Margaret took us all on a guided nature tour of Cattle Point and Uplands Park . We finished off with a great homemade meal at Tom and Margaret’s including a lot of small talk and ending with an epic reading of one of Alex Curries poems by Liz Seto. Click on thumbnail to view image

Day 1 Getting reacquainted and enjoying the sites around Brentwood Bay

Day 2 A Visit to Buchart Gardens

Day 3  Great hike and a fabulous dinner hosted by Tom and Margaret Lidkea’s