Winslow AZ and Meteor Crater

“Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona” . Winslow achieved national fame in 1972 in the Eagles/Jackson Browne song “Take it Easy” which has this famous line in it. We walked down the Main Street and stopped at La Posada Hotel for lunch but the dining room was closed. The last Harvey House (La Posada Hotel) opened in 1930, and closed in 1957 and was used by the Santa Fe Railway for offices. The railroad abandoned La Posada in 1994 and it was to be torn down. It was bought and restored by Allan Affeldt and it serves as a hotel. La Posada Hotel, “the Resting Place” was considered the finest building in the Southwest. We ate lunch at the RelicRoad Brewing Company and sat on the sidewalk watching the tourists go by. Click on thumbnail to view image

Winslow Arizona and Route 66

Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

Visited the Meteor Crater Natural Landmark and saw where outer space meets planet earth. It’s the best preserved impact site on earth. Over 50,000 years ago a huge iron-nickel meteorite, 150 feet wide and weighing several 100,000 tons impacted the earth in the vast Arizona desert, with a force 150 times greater than an atomic bomb. The giant bowl-shaped cavity called Meteor Crater, measures 550 feet deep and almost a mile wide. In the museum we saw a meteorite displayed that is the largest discovered fragment of the 150 foot meteor that created Meteor Crater. This was very impressive and worth the visit.