Casa Grande Arizona


We are finally settled into our site in Palm Creek RV and Golf Resort and are surrounded by Albertans arriving here for the winter. We are going to play a lot of pickle ball and learn more about this game of golf. We both signed up for 4 lessons at Mission Royale Golf Course from the pro, Ryan. Most days started at 7:30 am with challenging games of pickle ball with Thor, from BC, and Chris, from Seattle. Then onto golf in the afternoon, either a lesson or the driving range. Trying to get better at golf so I can keep up with Alex and Karen Currie, great golfers, when they came to visit us for the day. After playing golf with Alex and Karen on the Par 3 golf course in Palm Creek I realized that I have a long way to go before my golf is up to their standard.   Continue reading

Oracle, Az, Biosphere 2

On Nov 1st we drove up to explore the Bioshere 2 site, in Oracle, AZ. It is a 3.14 acre, approximately 2 1/2 football fields, structure originally built to be an artificial, materially closed ecological system, constructed between 1987-1991. From Sept 26, 1991 to Sept 26, 1993, eight people lived within the Bioshere 2 growing and producing their own foods. They all survived, however, they did have to pump up the oxygen level that dropped from 20% to 14%, which is equivalent to the oxygen available at 13,400 feet. Some scientists criticized the project. One view of Bioshere 2 stated that it was “the most exciting scientific project to be undertaken in the US since President Kennedy launched us toward the moon.” Continue reading