Crater Lake

We are staying at Seven Feathers RV Park in Canyonville, Oregon for a few days and well worth it as this is a beautiful Park. We have never been to Crater Lake National Park, as it is only a two hour drive from here we decided to take the opportunity to explore Crater Lake in the snow. Crater Lake, “Deep Water in a Sleeping Volcano”, surrounded by almost 2,000 ft high cliffs, the lake is fed entirely by rain and snow, it’s the deepest lake, 1,943 feet, in the USA and the most pristine, clear, blue color on earth. It is awe inspiring at first sight. It was a brilliant blue bird day and the stillness of the lake reflected the entire shoreline wherever your eyes looked from lake to sky almost the same color blue. Even in May the snow was so deep people were snowshoeing along the edge of the lake but still firm enough to walk gently, so high it reached the tops of the evergreen trees that we walked past. The Park was established in 1902, the volcano, Mt Mazama, once stood 12,000 feet tall, but erupted 7,700 years ago, forming Wizard Island, a cinder cone that arises from the water of Crater Lake. After leaving Crater Lake we stopped at the Wild and Scenic Rogue River Gorge. We walked along the 1 mile trail to view the water thundering through a channel of basalt lava as narrow as 10 feet across in places. It is a breathtaking, and awe-inspiring sight. There is still so much more to see around Crater Lake National Park so we will have to return in the summer. Click on thumbnail to view images