Mountain Home Idaho

We left McCall and headed south to Mountain Home, Idaho, staying at the Mountain Home RV Park on October 5th until the 12th. We wanted to explore some different areas around Mountain Home and we heard that the Anderson Ranch Reservoir was a good place to visit. From Mountain Home we drove 20 miles east on US 20 to Anderson Ranch Dam Road.The Anderson Ranch Reservoir is formed by the Anderson Ranch Dam and is a 7.4 square mile reservoir, and  is popular for fishing and water skiing. We had good views of the reservoir from the road on the way to the small towns of Pine and Featherville. We stopped at Cyndie’s Featherville Saloon for lunch, a little hole-in-the-wall with good food and beer. Across the road from the Saloon was a wood carver and we spent some time talking to the carver and enjoying his carvings. We stopped at the Paradise Hot Springs but decided not to spend the money to spend a few minutes in the hot springs. Then it was back to Mountain Home to our RV. Click on thumbnail to view images

Anderson Ranch Reservoir

Another interesting place we explored is Bruneau Dunes State Park, located south of Mountain Home. The Park features several large sand dunes and two small lakes, and is the site of North America’s highest single-structured sand dune which is approximately 470 feet high above small lakes. The Park also has an Observatory, where you can use a telescope for stargazing. We didn’t spend too much time here as it wasn’t very exciting and probably will not come back again. Click on thumbnail to view images

Bruneau Dunes State Park