Green River Lakes, Wind River Range

GLD1-23We went to the Green River Lakes area to do some backpacking as it was one of the few places in the Wind River Range that offered a lot of hiking options below the snow line.  This is where we started our Wind River backpacking adventure yars ago in the pouring rain so it will be nice to see what the area looks like in good weather. The first nite we decided to camp in the main campground and hike around the lower lake to get our bearings.  The weather was great and after getting settled in we started hiking down the south side of the lower lake. There was still a lot of trees down across the trail so progress was slow, but the views were breathtaking.  At the east end of the lake we crossed the Green River and headed up to the upper lake and views of Square Top Mountain. We found an awesome place to camp for the next 2 days then returned to the campground along the north side of the lake for a nice dinner, great campfire and a good nights sleep.  Click on thumbnail to view images

The next morning we left early for our upper lake campsite along the north side of the lake. The weather was fantastic and our views of Square Top Mt were amazing.  Once we set up our camp we headed up to the Clear Creek Natural Bridge.  It was a beautiful hike with lots of great vistas.  This was a great side trip trail and should be included in any hiking trip in this area. Returning to upper Green Lake we were treated to a beautiful sunset and reflections in the lake. Click on thumbnail to view images

When we woke up the lake was crystal clear and the reflections were some of the best we have ever seen.  After breakfast we hiked up the trail heading into the heart of the Winds enjoying the changing scenery as we passed next to Square Top and some of the other large peaks in the area.  After about 7 miles the trail was impassable due to runoff so we returned to our campsite.  Another great sunset and more spectacular reflections. Click on thumbnail to view images

We woke to the calmest day yet and the lake was amazing.  Patty did some yoga and I relaxed watching the ever changing reflections.  After a good breakfast it was time to hike to the car and drive back to Pinedale. What an amazing area…we will be back! Click on thumbnail to view images