Trek Day 12-Day Lobuche to Pheriche

This is our final hiking day, can’t believe that this wonderful journey in the Khumbu Region is coming to an end for us. As we were getting dressed our thoughts were with Kevin, Ake, Brad, and B-1 with Tashi as they attempt their ascent of Mt Lobuche using their ropes,crampons and ice picks. Their climb started at 3:30am so they were well on their way up the mountain when we woke up. Phor Themba was waiting for us when we arrived for breakfast. Our bags were packed and ready to go when we went for breakfast, so our porter can pick them up in our room and take them outside to load on their backs. We left the tea house at 9am for a gradual descent to Pheriche. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had spectacular views of Mt Lobuche. When we reached the memorial site we could see in the distance the ice face of Mt Lobuche with climbers on it. And we speculated that they are the rest of our team ascending the ice face. We watched them through the binoculars for some time as we continued down to Dughla. We took our time hiking down the beautiful valley to Pheriche knowing that this trek was coming to an end. Pheriche, 14,340 ft, was primarily a farming village raising potatoes and buckwheat and keeping yaks. Nowadays it is a popular place for climbers and Trekkers going to Base Camp. We were staying at the Himalayan Hotel Lodge, one of the nicest lodges we have stayed in and we spent the afternoon in the dining room waiting for the others to return. They walked in around 4pm, tired, happy, and weathered looking. Their summit attempt was successful and they we’re excited to have arrived at the Lodge. This is our final night in the Khumbu Region of Nepal as we will be flying out tomorrow to Kathmandu.

Photos from Climb of Lobuche East