Cody Wyoming

On Saturday, July 17th, we left Pinedale and drove to Cody, WY, staying at the Cody Trout Camp RV Park until July 22. Cody is one of the West’s great places. It’s surrounded on four sides by mountains, rich in wildlife and a place filled with adventure. We visited the Buffalo Bill Center of the West with 5 museums, including the Buffalo Bill Museum, tracing William F Cody’s life (1846-1917) with multimedia displays, and the Draper Natural History Museum with wildlife exhibits. We spent hours exploring the museum and the fascinating displays. Buffalo Bill Cody was a US Army scout, bison hunter, Pony Express rider, Indian fighter and showman. Click on thumbnail to view images

Buffalo Bill Museum

Fly Fishing on the Clarks Fork River

We had a fabulous day fly fishing for the first time. Check out the video below.