Wyoming and Wind River Ranges

On Monday, July 12th, after the Green River Rendezvous was over we moved the RV to the Yellowstone Trail RV Park in Pinedale, WY, a brand new park. We stayed until Saturday for 5 nights enjoying Pinedale and the scenic Wyoming area. We hiked the Sacred Rim Trail, a 4 mile out-and-back trail on the edges of the Bridger Wilderness near Pinedale. We drove the Skyline Scenic Drive with breathtaking views of the Wind River Range at 9,000 feet, to Ekhart Park. We started on the Pole Creek Trail for a few 100 yards until we found the cairn where the trail branched off to the Sacred Rim Trail to the left. At the end of the trail we were rewarded with absolutely incredible views, and you feel like you’re on top of the world. We looked down at Long Lake and looked out across the Wind River Range in the Bridger Wilderness… such a large space untouched by humanity. Sacred Rim is an appropriate name for this short, quiet trail as it is a part of heaven on Earth. Click on thumbnail to view images

Hike on the Sacred Rim Trail

Wyoming Range

The Wyoming Range is not as rugged or remote as the Wind River Range, but has a striking beauty all on its own. We took a day drive to view the Wyoming Range along gravel roads through a mixture of rolling open slopes dotted with sagebrush and pockets of aspen trees and forested hills. The Wyoming Range is home to elk, moose, deer, antelope, grizzly and black bear, mountain lions, and lynx; and we were fortunate to spot a female moose grazing in the water and an elk walking along the road. We stopped at the Tri Basin Divide sign where the Great Basin, Columbia River and the Colorado River come together. Nearby we saw graves of immigrants left behind as a result of hardships, accidents and disease on the wagon trains. A special grave stood out from the others, commemorating the death of Elizabeth who died in childbearing, July 27, 1862, age 32, fenced off under a tree. It was a beautiful scenic drive and hardly any other vehicles along the road made for a wonderful day.