Green River Rendezvous, Pinedale Wyoming

Bad Hand

On July 6th, 2021, we drove to Thane, Wyoming, where we stayed for 2 nights on our way to Marbleton, Wyoming to Rob’s Roost RV Park for 5 days. We couldn’t get into a park near Pinedale because of the Green River Rendezvous Festival was happening, July 8-11, and we wanted to experience the Mountain Men. So we stayed in a cabin at the Highline Trail RV Park for the weekend to be closer to Pinedale. The Green River Rendezvous is held each year and it relives the early Mountain Men history of the area. During the Rendezvous, the town of Pinedale comes alive with activities and events surrounding the Mountain Men theme. The Green River Rendezvous was an annual event in the 1830s. Mountain Men, Trappers, Travelers, and Indians all gathered in a valley “below the Green” river and bartered, traded, sold and swapped various items such as skins, pelts, guns, jewelry and whatever else they needed.

Green River Camp

Friday afternoon we went to the Museum of the Mountain Man where we experienced a Living History Camp and demonstrations by the American Mountain Men. There are several camps set up for the Mountain Men to stay for the weekend and we were able to visit the camps and talk with all the Mountain Men. I had the honor of trying on an authentic leather dress made by the Mountain Men. We wandered around the camp just amazed by the friendliness and authenticity of these Mountain Men, who are the real deal. We went back Saturday morning to the camp to experience and watch many demonstrations including firearms, beaver trapping/skinning, tools, horse tack, and clothes. Click on thumbnail to view images

Bad Hand

Michael “Bad Hand” Terry, is a Native American Historian and Ethnologist, who gives lectures during the Green River Rendezvous describing an overview of life of the Plains Indians in the 1800’s. We listened to 4 of his 2 hour lectures and were enthralled by his presence and knowledge of the Plains Indians. Bad Hand, his given Indian name, has devoted his life to learning about and reliving as closely as possible early Native American culture. Through his works and activities, he tries to dispel many misconceptions, stereotypes and historical inaccuracies while sharing in a positive, upbeat way what he has learned from his studies and experiences. Michael is an accomplished Actor, Stuntman, Authenticity Expert and Technical Consultant for nearly 50 motion pictures including “Dances with Wolves” and “Last of the Mohicans”. Michael’s mission is to undo the misunderstandings about the Native Americans from history and show the kinder, gentler side of their survival as a culture. All the clothing, regalia, props, jewelry and such are handmade by Michael to help explain, educate and nullify myths and legends about the Plains Indians.

Rendezvous Parade

The Green River Rendezvous Parade isn’t any run-of-the-mill parade, it’s one of the rowdiest, historical parades the Cowboy State produces. There are more than 50 amazing floats, music, dancers, and much more. we watched the entire Parade go by and enjoyed every float and participant that passed by.

Green River Rendezvous Pageant

On Sunday we attended the Green River Rendezvous Pageant, an 85-year old tradition, which is an outdoor theatrical rendition of the historical and cultural accounts of the Green River Valley. The Green River Rendezvous Pageant is a commemoration of the Native Americans, trappers and suppliers who congregated in the valley of the Green to prepare themselves for the upcoming winter. Sixteen Rendezvous were held during the years 1824-1840, the height of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade, and 6 were located in the Green River Valley. It was at this site where famous mountain men like Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Thomas Fitzpatrick carved their legends and opened the way for settlement of the West, This was  such a well done performance by all the characters and brought the entire weekend of the Green River Rendezvous to a wonderful conclusion for us. An experience we will not forget for a long time.


Wind River Rodeo

Pinedale is a true Western town and when the stars come out, so do the cowboys so on Saturday night we went to the famous Wind River Rodeo. We saw bareback bronc riding, break-away roping, bull riding, Cowgirl’s barrel racing, team doctoring and team roping. YEEHAW!!!!