Oregon Waterfalls near Eugene OR

Salt Creek Falls

On June 1, 2021, we took RSHRPA in for repairs and a paint job at Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon, and went on a day trip in the Jeep to Sweet Creek Falls, one hour drive west of Eugene near Mapleton. It was a beautiful hike through dense moss covered trees for 2.2 miles, following the creek. There was a section of canyon wall “cat-walk” that made it possible to stay beside the creek without getting wet. Many other smaller falls grace the hike in, but Sweet Creek Falls is the grand finale with four tiered-plunges ranging from 10 to 30 feet cascade for a total of 70 feet, creating a multiple waterfall. The water was crystal clear and perfect for getting my feet wet, wading in the small pools. There weren’t many people there and so we had the place to ourselves most of the time. A great hike not far from Eugene. Click on thumbnail to view images

Sweet Creek Falls

Salt Creek and Diamond Creek Falls

The next day, after we took the RV back to the shop, we drove east out of Eugene to see the Salt Creek Falls, near Oakridge. We drove to the Salt Creek Falls Observation Point where we started our hike to view the falls from the top. We walked along the wide paved trail through Douglas-fir, western Hemlock, and rhododendrons arriving at the clifftop overlook down into Salt Creek Falls’ amphitheater. What an impressive sight. Salt Creek Falls is a cascade and plunge waterfall, that plunges over a 300-foot-thick basalt ledge of lava flows, at 286-feet tall it is the third highest single-drop waterfall in Oregon. We also hiked down to the bottom of the falls, where the pool of the waterfall is 66-feet deep to see the waterfall from a different perspective. Then we took the Loop Trail to Diamond Creek Falls, and there was not another soul on the trail. We came to a sign labeled “Lower Diamond Creek Falls” and took it down  a slippery slope, descended a set of steps carved into a log and crossed Diamond Creek on a log footbridge to the base of beautiful Diamond Creek Falls, which splash 120-feet down a basalt face. After enjoying this spectacular waterfall, we returned to the trail and went up to the viewpoint that looks down on Diamond Creek Falls. Then completed the Loop Trail back to the Salt Creek Observation Point. Click on thumbnail to view images