Arches NP

Delicate Arch

We finally were able to get reservations at Spanish Trails RV Park in Moab for 5 days in October. The town was packed with tourists and cars everywhere. We went to Arches National Park and saw the North and South Windows Arches, Turret Arch, and  Double Arch across the parking lot. They are still fantastic to see up close, and to be able to climb around and under the massive red rock arches was so impressive. We drove the 4WD road out to Tower Arch which we had not experienced before because it is a long way from the main road. The 4WD road was very rough and took us quite some time to go 3.2 miles, but what a blast! Once we arrived at the parking lot we could see Tower Arch, and we walked up to the viewpoint to get a stunning view of the 92-wide span and its namesake Tower that rises behind to the north of the arch. We scrambled up the slick rock ledges to the inside of the arch where we had a terrific view of the La Sal Mountains to the east. We went back on Salt Valley Road watched the sunset as we reached the paved road and back to the RV. Click on thumbnail to view images

Sunset at Delicate Arch

A stone icon, Delicate Arch has become a symbol of Utah’s red rock deserts, with over 2,000 stone arches, it is one of the most famous geologic features in the world. On our last night in Moab we decided to experience Delicate Arch at sunset. We were not alone when we took the trail up a steep slick rock slope to the arch. We sat on the slick rock ledge waiting for the sun to set as we gazed at the opening beneath the arch, 46 feet high and 32 feet wide, making it the largest free-standing arch in the park. We watched the red rock arch change colors as the sun set on the horizon, a spectacular view and well worth the wait. As we walked back to the parking lot in the dark people were still coming up to see the arch in the night sky. This was a bucket-list experience, especially if you have already seen the arch in the day light. Click on thumbnail to view images