Sardinia, Italy

Italy here we come! On September 7th we arrived in Sardinia with Kevin and Ericka to attend Chris Dore and Lisa’s wedding. We landed in the town of Alghero on the northwest coast of Sardinia, Italy. We are all staying at the El Faro Hotel, a beautiful resort overlooking the sea in the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte. The setting is perfect for a wedding. When we arrived we were so excited to see Tony and Darlene Dore again after many years and of course, Chris and Lisa and Tony. We hung out by the pool reminiscing and meeting their friends from Ohio who came for the wedding. In the evening the dinner was in the hotel with all the family and friends of the bride and groom. Eric finally arrived for dinner and we spent the rest of the night partying with the young.

The next morning Bob, Kevin, Ericka, Chris Craft and myself went to see Neptune’s Grotto, a stalactite cave with 600 steps that lead down into this dramatic seafront cavern. The cave was discovered by a local fisherman in the 18th century and has since become a popular tourist attraction. The Grotto gets its name from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune. Going down the 600 stars was easy as the views were amazing and the caves exceptional, walking through the entire cavern gazing at all the many stalactites. Going back up the stairs not so easy, but we made it.

On Saturday after the wedding a group of us went to Spiaggia di Porto Ferro beach to surf and relax on the beach and drink beer. Sardinia is a year round beach destination and home to an especially beautiful stretch of sand: Spiaggia di Porto Ferro. The sands were extremely fine, the waves were gentle and the water temperature perfect. Therefore, the surfing was fabulous and I was able to ride the waves several times! Our last night we went to visit the town of Alghero and have dinner. Alghero is one of Sardinia’s most beautiful medieval cities, encircled by ancient walls, it’s known for its cobblestoned old center where we had dinner at an outdoor restaurant. After dinner we walked the cobblestone streets, shopped and celebrated the new married couple, Chris and Lisa Dore. Click on thumbnail to view images

Our visit to Sardinia

Chris and Lisa’s Wedding

September 8th, 2017, Chris Dore and Lisa were married at the  El Faro Hotel in Alghero, Sardinia. We were so honored to be able to be apart of their special day in Italy. Friends from Ohio gathered together with Tony Dore’s relatives from Sardinia, to celebrate with Chris and Lisa on their wedding day. The setting on the patio of the El Faro Hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was unbelievable, the weather was perfect and everyone looked fantastic. Lots of photos were taken and here are just a few of them. Congratulations Chris and Lisa, you are going to have a wonderful life together. Click on thumbnail to view images