Redding CA to Trinidad CA

May 22nd, Thursday, we left Redding to head west to the Pacific Coast along California SR 299. Bob was ready to test his driving skills on a scenic, twisty, mountain road. SR 299 is called the Trinity Scenic Byway a National Forest Scenic Byway, and it was beautiful. It is one thing to drive a winding mountain road in a car but to try it in a 45 foot Big Rig towing a jeep, is a totally different story. However, we had to get to the coast and this was the best route we could find near us. We packed up early and hit the road for a 305 mile journey from Redding to Eureka. By the time we reached Weaverville we had experienced 55 hairpin turns and we kept going right through the town. Weaverville has retained much of its old west flavor and would be a nice to place to stop but it’s not easy with the RV in towns this small. So we continued on through the twisty mountain road following the River most of the way with very steep slopes on both sides of the road. Continue reading