Borrego Springs, California

Welcome to Borrego Springs

Today we left Chula Vista to drive to Borrego Springs, only a two hour drive from San Diego. We took longer because we didn’t want to drive the RV along the narrow back roads through Julian, so we stayed on the highway and headed to El Centro and arrived at Borrego Springs three hours later. We are staying in the beautiful Springs at Borrego RV Resort. Borrego Springs is an interesting town without a single stop light, and night time lighting is kept to a minimum to protect the views of the night sky, because Borrego Springs was designated as California’s first International Dark-Sky Community. One evening we enjoyed the dark night sky gazing at the stars through the large telescopes set up in the Park. We took a trip back to Julian, not far from here, to enjoy the wonderful and delicious apple pies. Continue reading

Southern California with Pat and Harry

In February our friends, Pat and Harry from Calgary, came to visit San Diego for two weeks and we spent time exploring all the wonderful sightseeing places around San Diego with them. We visited the Midway Museum, La Jolla, the Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park, Old Town, the Gaslamp district and an unforgetable breakfast at the Coronado Hotel.  We drove to Laguna Beach for the day visiting the many Galleries, including the famous Wyland Gallery,  and enjoyed a great lunch looking out over the ocean.

The highlight for me was going to Disneyland for the first time, and celebrating the 60th anniversary of Disney. Security was searching for weapons coming into the Park and poor Harry got busted for carrying his pocket knife on him. We went on several rides, the Ironman Exhibition and the Riverboat that was docked until further notice. We loved the parade of all the Disney characters as they marched through the Park waving and singing to all the crowds of tourists. Lastly we went to the Disneyland Adventure Park and then hurried to meet Jackie, Pat and Harry’ daughter, who works for Disney as an animator drawer, for dinner outside the Park. All in all we had a wonderful time sightseeing, eating, drinking and laughing together for two weeks. Click on thumbnail to view images Continue reading

San Diego – Winter 2015/2016

Winter 15&16-8
On Tuesday, Dec 15th, we left Casa Grande and drove all the way to San Diego, to see Kevin, Ericka and Harper, and  we are staying at the Chula Vista RV Resort. It is a beautiful Resort right on the water and we have a view looking west across the bay to the Silver Strand. The amenities include a nice pool and hot tub as well a a small gym where Bob can workout. The sunsets from the marina were spectacular, and the December full moon was so clear in the sky over San Diego. One of the benefits staying at this Park is that there is a bike trail from here to the Del Coronado Hotel to downtown San Diego and back to the Park, for a wonderful 24 mile round trip bike ride. Click on thumbnail to view images Continue reading

Redwood National Park-Tall Trees Grove

May 25th, again we ventured north to explore the Redwood National Park and hike in the old forests. We drove past Lady Bird Johnson Grove along Bald Hills Road to the Tall Trees access road where we needed a permit to enter through the locked gate, with a secret combination. The difficulty of getting to the Tall Trees Grove only adds to the grove’s mystique, it feels like you are entering some secret hideout. After locking the gate we drove 6 miles along a dusty logging rode to the trailhead. The trail descends steeply immediately, it is a 1.3 mile hike down to the Tall TreesGrove. There were many pink rhododendrons along the trail nestled among the redwoods rising tall and straight from the steep hillside. We reached the bottom of the trail at the Tall Trees Grove and it was beautiful, uniquely special, a reserved magnificence with dark-trunked monster redwoods set among 5 ft tall ferns. This grove is well-known for the Libby tree, which at one time was the world’s tallest known living thing. Although taller redwoods have since been found the Libby tree is still interesting because it’s the only one of the former tall trees that you can actually see. After walking around the loop and marveling at these magnificent redwoods, we took a trail that leads to the Redwood Creek and came out into the sunshine. The broad creek glittered in the sunlight and with its gravel banks and expansive views of the surrounding redwood-covered hillsides, it is a beautiful scene to experience. We stayed for awhile to soak up the beauty. With a permit you can camp anywhere along the creek banks and we saw some backpackers arriving to spend the night as we hiked the steep long grade back up to our car. Continue reading

Humbolt Redwoods State Park

May 24th, we drove north to the Humboldt Redwood State Park, to see the Avenue of the Giants, a world famous scenic drive, and the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world, 31 miles, along a portion of Hwy 101. The Avenue of the Giants was part of US Hwy 101 until a freeway bypass was completed in 1960, and it became SR 254. The highway is notable for the Coast Redwoods that overshadow the road and surround the area. The road winds along side the Eel River, the 3rd largest in CA. California’s coast redwoods follow the fog and thrive in continuous belts at elevations below 2,000 feet. Trees can grow to 350 feet tall, with a base diameter of about 20 feet. The oldest coast redwoods are about 2,000 years old and show no signs of dying out. They resist insects, fire and rot to a remarkable degree, an important factor in their longevity. We visited the Humboldt Redwoods Visitor Center and natural history museum and then drove to the Founders Grove to walk amongst the giants. Here we saw the Dyerville Giant, which stood here for as long as 1600 years, was taller and older than any other tree around it. It fell on March 24, 1991, before it fell it was 370 feet tall, 17 feet in diameter, and 52 feet in circumference. Today one can walk along the trunk as it lies on the forest floor. Continue reading

Redwood National Park and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

May 23rd, Friday, we set out to explore the Redwood National Park. Our first stop was the Kuchel Visitor Center on the coast, and they gave us maps and info on the best places to see and hike: a great start. After leaving the visitor center we drove thru Prairie Creek Redwood State Park where we saw herds of Elk. Continue reading

Redding CA to Trinidad CA

May 22nd, Thursday, we left Redding to head west to the Pacific Coast along California SR 299. Bob was ready to test his driving skills on a scenic, twisty, mountain road. SR 299 is called the Trinity Scenic Byway a National Forest Scenic Byway, and it was beautiful. It is one thing to drive a winding mountain road in a car but to try it in a 45 foot Big Rig towing a jeep, is a totally different story. However, we had to get to the coast and this was the best route we could find near us. We packed up early and hit the road for a 305 mile journey from Redding to Eureka. By the time we reached Weaverville we had experienced 55 hairpin turns and we kept going right through the town. Weaverville has retained much of its old west flavor and would be a nice to place to stop but it’s not easy with the RV in towns this small. So we continued on through the twisty mountain road following the River most of the way with very steep slopes on both sides of the road. Continue reading

Mount Shasta- Shasta CA

On May 21, Wed, we drove north on Hwy 5 to visit the well known Mt Shasta. The highway was closed due to an oil spillage so we detoured through Dunsmuir just south of Mt Shasta. The city of Mount Shasta at 3,600 ft elevation is located at the flanks of Mount Shasta, about 9 miles away. Beginning in the 1820’s the present-day Mount Shasta was a prominent landmark along the Siskiyou Trail, the trail from California to the Pacific North West. In the 1850’s when gold was discovered in nearby Yreka, CA, the traffic increased along the Trail, the city grew and after 1886 was named Sisson after a local business man. On May 31, 1905 the city was incorporated and became “City of Mount Shasta”. We walked along the quaint Main Street and ate lunch in a nice cafe with the locals. We drove up to Mount Shasta, “White Mountain”, which rises abruptly and stands nearly 10,000 ft above the surrounding terrain. Mount Shasta is a volcano, last erupted in 1786, is the second highest mountain in the Cascades and fifth highest in CA. The main summit is 12,330 ft, Shastina which has a visibly conical form. There are seven named glaciers on Mount Shasta, and it is a popular mountain for climbing up Avalanche Gulch (John Muir) route. We drove to Bunny Flat Trailhead at 6,800 ft the road is closed from there and we walked around enjoying the magnificent view of Mount Shasta close up. Continue reading

Sacramento River National Recreation Trail-Redding CA

May 19th, Monday we hit the road again in R SHRPA, and headed to Redding, CA. We stayed at a beautiful, well-maintained park, Premier RV Resorts, where they delivered the morning paper to your doorstep. On May 20th we rode our bikes on the Sacramento River National Recreation Trail, ranked the 7th best trail in CA by the Rails to Trails. This trail is the crown jewel of Redding’s trail system, spanning 17.4 miles from Shasta Dam to the world famous Turtle Bay Sundial Bridge in Redding. We started our ride at the Sundial Bridge, an architectural wonder, opened July 4th, 2004, and crosses the Sacramento River in the heart of Redding. The world renowned Spanish architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava, conceived the Sundial Bridge’s unusual design. Continue reading

Lake Tahoe

May 17th, Saturday, we hit the road for Carson City, Nevada and stayed at the Comstock Country RV Resort for two nights. The next day, May 18th we drove in the jeep, (R BEAST), only a 30 minute drive to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, it’s depth is 1,645 ft making it the second deepest lake in the US after Crater Lake, and it never freezes. It is known for its clear fresh water and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides. Lake Tahoe has a surface elevation of 6,225 ft, located along the border between CA and Nevada, west of Carson City. The drive around the lake was breathtaking with mountain vistas and panoramic lake views. We stopped for lunch in Tahoe City on the west side, called “Jakes on the Lake”. Continue reading