South Dakota

On our way to South Dakota from Colorado our GPS in the RV took us on a dirt road for 16 miles, where we did not see another vehicle, and don’t know why it took us this route. It was terrible for both the RV and the Jeep’s hood were blasted with rocks. Finally we arrived at the KOA in Hot Springs, thankful to be there after the worst drive ever!! Hot Springs does have warm springs which were considered sacred by the Native Americans. The city of Hot Springs developed in the 1880s as a resort community, with visitors drawn to the restorative and curative¬† properties of its mineral springs. One can visit the hot springs today at the Evans Plunge built in 1890, with its naturally warm 87 degree spring water. We walked through the historic city center taking many photos of the beautiful wall murals and many unique sandstone buildings. Hot Springs is also home of a US Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011 for its architecture and history. We walked up the hill to view the hospital, formerly known as the Battle Mountain Sanitarium, the 100-bed center was built in 1907 to treat former soldiers suffering from rheumatism or tuberculosis, believed to be treatable by the region’s mineral springs and the thin dry air. Continue reading

Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse Memorial

Monday, August 3rd, on our way to Rapid City, South Dakota, to get the Sherpa registered in our new home state. Unfortunately we are arriving the same week as the Sturgis Rally when almost 500,000 motorcyclists will move into Stugis and the surrounding area. We are staying for a week at the Americas Campground and Lodging in Box Elder, and we were very lucky to get in here. There is so much to see here in the Black Hills and our first stop is to visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Continue reading