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Costa Rica Christmas

Christmas (2019) in Costa Rica with the family was a special treat this year. We arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica, on December 22nd, and picked up the rental cars then drove to our beautiful house on the Papagayo Peninsula. There were a total of ten adults and four kids staying together in this 7-bedroom house. The Jackson family(7), Josh and Aminda Parafinik’s family(4), Andrew Roberts and Sunny Trann, and a friend of Josh’s from Phoenix. Kevin’s company, EXP Journeys, was doing a program for a family staying at the Four Seasons Hotel near us. So Kevin and “crew” were working most of the time we were there, while the Moms and kids got to play. Our house was beautiful and spacious, plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy this place. The infinity pool was the biggest hit and we certainly spent plenty of time in it. Continue reading

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