Southern California with Pat and Harry

In February our friends, Pat and Harry from Calgary, came to visit San Diego for two weeks and we spent time exploring all the wonderful sightseeing places around San Diego with them. We visited the Midway Museum, La Jolla, the Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park, Old Town, the Gaslamp district and an unforgetable breakfast at the Coronado Hotel.  We drove to Laguna Beach for the day visiting the many Galleries, including the famous Wyland Gallery,  and enjoyed a great lunch looking out over the ocean.

The highlight for me was going to Disneyland for the first time, and celebrating the 60th anniversary of Disney. Security was searching for weapons coming into the Park and poor Harry got busted for carrying his pocket knife on him. We went on several rides, the Ironman Exhibition and the Riverboat that was docked until further notice. We loved the parade of all the Disney characters as they marched through the Park waving and singing to all the crowds of tourists. Lastly we went to the Disneyland Adventure Park and then hurried to meet Jackie, Pat and Harry’ daughter, who works for Disney as an animator drawer, for dinner outside the Park. All in all we had a wonderful time sightseeing, eating, drinking and laughing together for two weeks. Click on thumbnail to view images Continue reading

San Diego Marine Museum and the USS Midway

On Jan 31st, we boarded the USS Midway, picked up the self-guided audio tour to help us explore this floating city at sea. We went below to see the engine room, the ship’s jail and the crew’s sleeping quarters. Bob had to bend down to walk through the hallways, sailors must all be pretty short. Then we went up on deck to see some of the 29 restored aircraft, and on up to the bridge, with great views of San Diego Bay and the Ronald Reagan across the bay. It is the newest nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the fleet. Then back down below to see the massive galley, the laundry room, post office and the Captain’s quarters. The Midway class carried a crew of 4,500 and up to 80 aircraft. The Midway sailed in every ocean of the world, covering more miles than anyone can count. The ship operated longer, survived more modernization projects and was forward deployed longer than any other aircraft carrier. The USS Midway Museun is dedicated to preserving and honoring the 200,00 young men who served aboard the USS Midway. After leaving the Midway we walked around the Maritime Museum where we saw The Star of India as well as the replica sailing ship used in the movie Masters and Commanders. Continue reading