Sahalie Falls, Oregon

It’s a beautiful sunny day for a drive, we wanted to go over the McKenzie Pass on Rte 242, but the road was still closed. So we decided to go off the paved roads and take FS 1028 to the Skylight Cave. After some searching we finally found it only to realize that we need lights and warmer clothes to go down inside. We were in the middle of nowhere, so we were surprised when the Sheriff pulled up and got out of his truck to come over to question us. We had done nothing wrong but he was not very friendly at first, we kept talking and he gradually softened and told us about some 4-wheel drive roads that we could drive to. We drove over the Old Santiam Wagon Road, a red cinder roads through mostly burnt out forest until we came upon a sign pointing to the Pacific Crest Trail, could it be on our Bucket List! Had to take a photo and then headed on our way to Big Lake, where Bob captured a fantastic reflection of Mt Washington in the distance. Continue reading