Arches National Park

Arches National Park, it has been 26 years since we visited this Park, and finally we are back exploring this amazing landscape. Only 4 miles north of Moab, containing the world’s largest concentration of natural stone arches, this 73,000 acre region has over 2000 of these “miracles of nature”. We started with a short hike to Park Avenue, massive sandstone red fins. Then on to Balanced Rock and the iconic Delicate Arch. We hiked the 1 1/2 miles to view this beautiful, perfectly shaped, Delicate Arch, at an elevation of 4829 feet it was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Continue reading

Dead Horse Point SP and Canyonlands NP

We left Durango yesterday in the rain and arrived at the KOA in Moab where we will be staying for a week. Today we are going to explore Canyonlands National Park and on the way we stopped to see Dead Horse Point State Park, situated on a high plateau at an elevation of about 6,000 feet. According to one legend, the point was once used as a corral for wild mustangs. Cowboys herded them across the narrow neck of land, only 30 yards wide, and onto the point. They were fenced off with branches and brush creating a natural corral surrounded by precipitous cliffs dropping into the Colorado River, 2,000 feet below. Cowboys then chose the horses they wanted and left the others to die. Thus, the name of the park! However, Dead Horse State Park provides a breathtaking panorama of Canyonlands’ sculptured pinnacles and buttes of Island in the Sky District, walking along the East Rim and West Rim Trails. This is perhaps Utah’s most spectacular State Park, well worth a visit. Continue reading