Windsor, Nova Scotia

This is Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend, on Sunday we drove to Windsor to watch the Great Pumpkin Race across the water that has been held for 15 years. The pumpkins were hollowed out and painted, some weighing up to 1500 pounds, then hauled down to the water on a forklift and gently lowered into the water before the race began. It took over an hour to get all 50+ pumpkins ready for the start of the race. Continue reading

Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

We drove to Mahone Bay by the sea, the next day (10/12) and spent time walking through this quaint village full of scarecrow figures, and exploring the many shops. I have never seen so many different animated figures in one place as we experienced walking down the streets of this town. Lunch was spent at the Mader’s Pub and Grill on the water beginning with Alexander Keith’s red beer to quench our thirst. Continue reading

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

On Thursday, Oct 10th we left Baddeck to drive approximately 250 miles to Halifax and stayed in the Woodhaven Campground just outside of Halifax, for four nights. Our first adventure was to explore Peggy’s Cove, a natural and geological marvel. Trees and plants are scarce here, and so is soil, but there are a lot of granite boulders around Peggy’s Cove, left here thousands of years ago by huge masses of retreating glaciers. Continue reading

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Oct 8th: Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail is one of the premier scenic highways in North America. The Trail is 185 miles in length, but it takes a good 8 hours to do the entire loop. We began our adventure bright and early at 8:30am on a beautiful sunny morning and drove counter clockwise. At this time of year the mountain, trees and trails are ablaze with scarlet and gold colored leaves with the blue backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of St Lawrence made for a beautiful scenic drive. The highlight of the drive is the portion through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, a roller-coaster ride over forest-clad mountains and spectacular vistas; the park is ideal for hiking, camping and wildlife watching. The first stop was the St Ann’s Gaelic College, unique in North America, founded in 1938 as a school devoted to the study and preservation of the Gaelic language and Celtic arts and culture of immigrants from the Highlands of Scotland. Continue reading

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Oct 7th we drove to Cape Breton Island, one of the most picturesque islands in the world. We stayed at the Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground. Baddeck is the home of Alexander Graham Bell, and we spent hours at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site learning about his life’s accomplishments and successes. He not only discovered the telephone, he also sponsored the construction of the first aircraft in Canada, the Silver Dart in 1909 and the hydrofoil craft the HD-4, which set a world speed record in 1919, at 71 mph on Bras d’Or Lake. We explored the many shops in Baddeck during the rain buying various gifts and memorabilia to take home. And finished the day with a sumptuous meal at Yellow Cello Cafe in Baddeck Continue reading

Stellarton/Trenton Nova Scotia

On Oct 5 we drove into Nova Scotia to meet Don and Rose McKenzie, friends of Harry’s in Stellarton a small rural town on the north coast. We took the coastal road by choice and that was a mistake as the road was very bumpy and rough the whole way. We camped at Don’s property for two nights off the beaten track in a peaceful farm setting. The horses grazing around us were magnificent and the sunset that evening was one to remember. Continue reading

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick

On Oct 3rd we drove north leaving Maine heading into New Brunswick, Canada. Finally a deserted highway, no trucks and wide open road the whole way into Canada. We arrived at the Fundy National Park Campground on the Bay of Fundy around 3pm set up our site and met our old friends Pat and Harry, from Calgary, Alberta, whom we haven’t seen for almost 20 years. We went into the quaint fishing village of Alma for dinner where we saw the fishing boats high and dry at the dock. The Bay of Fundy is one of the marine wonders of the world, it has the highest tides in the world that give you the chance to walk on the ocean floor twice daily. At low tide the fishing boats sit on the ocean floor and at high tide they float again. Continue reading