Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City was our destination for two last weeks in October, well known because of the famous London Bridge linking an island in the Colorado River with the main part of Lake Havasu City. We stayed at the Islander RV Resort on the island. We had a beautiful site looking out onto Lake Havasu. London Bridge was built in the 1830s and formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England. It was dismantled in 1967 and relocated to Arizona. Robert McCulloch purchased the bridge and he had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America to construct the present bridge in Lake Havasu City, established in 1964.  We played pickle ball every morning with a fun group of mostly Canadians. Went out on a boat for cocktail hour exploring Lake Havasu and walked the streets of Lake Havasu City.

On Sunday we visited The Desert Bar, the Nellie E Saloon, on land that was an old mining camp, open on Sat and Sun only. It’s a 4-wheel drive road to reach the Desert Bar in the middle of nowhere and a covered bridge is the entrance to the Bar, built in 1991. The Desert Bar was completed in 1988 and the inside of the saloon is unique in many ways. The church was completed in 1996, and is made of solid steel, the walls and ceiling are made of the same stamped tin used inside the bar, and the roof is made of cooper. The church is a unique place for weddings. There is live music every Sat and Sun and we listened to the band while eating lunch. Loved watching the beautiful colors as the sun set across the lake. Click on thumbnail to view images