San Diego – Winter 2015/2016

Winter 15&16-8
On Tuesday, Dec 15th, we left Casa Grande and drove all the way to San Diego, to see Kevin, Ericka and Harper, and  we are staying at the Chula Vista RV Resort. It is a beautiful Resort right on the water and we have a view looking west across the bay to the Silver Strand. The amenities include a nice pool and hot tub as well a a small gym where Bob can workout. The sunsets from the marina were spectacular, and the December full moon was so clear in the sky over San Diego. One of the benefits staying at this Park is that there is a bike trail from here to the Del Coronado Hotel to downtown San Diego and back to the Park, for a wonderful 24 mile round trip bike ride. Click on thumbnail to view images

Eric arrived on Dec 18th and is staying with us in our RV for the holidays. We had so much fun with Eric touring some of the highlights around San Diego.  We visited the Coronado Hotel where we saw the sand sculptures and the skating rink on the grounds of the Hotel. We also went to Balboa Park where we visited several museums. Christmas was a special occasion this year, to be able to enjoy it through the eyes of a two year old, Harper. We all spent Christmas morning at Kevin’s opening presents and then went out for dinner at the Pacifica Restaurant in Del Mar. Click on thumbnail to view images

Winter 15&16-35

On Sunday, January 10th, our first grandson was born at 3:55 am, weighing 7 lbs 10oz, and 20 inches tall, his name is Austin Harrison Jackson. We went to the hospital to welcome Kevin and Ericka’s newborn son, and to see big sister, Harper meet her brother for the first time. Such a special moment for everyone. Now that Ericka is busy with Austin we were able to spend more time with Harper going on walks and taking her to the Tot Park in Del Mar and to Gymboree. Click on thumbnail to view images

In February our friends, Alex and Karen Currie, came to San Diego to visit with friends, Joe and Lynne, from Vancouver and they invited us to come and stay with them for one night. Their beautiful, modern house is situated on the beach at Mission Bay. We enjoyed a fabulous evening watching the sunset as we ate dinner and watched the people walking along the boardwalk in front of the house. Click on thumbnail to view images

Before leaving San Diego on April 20th, we decided to go and visit Point Loma which we had not yet explored. It is a hilly peninsula bordered by the Pacific Ocean, with great views of downtown San Diego, and the Silver Strand, Coronado peninsula. The peninsula is historically important as the landing place of the first European expedition to land on the shores of today’s California, it has been described  as  “ where California began”! His name was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who arrived in San Diego Bay on September 28th, 1542. Point Loma was also a military base called Fort Rosecrans, and today you can see the remains of the artillery batteries. The best known landmark in Point Loma is the Old Point Loma lighthouse, an icon of the city of San Diego, built in 1854 and first lit on Nov 15th, 1855 until March 23rd, 1891. Today, Point Loma houses two major military bases, a national cemetery, a national monument, and a university. Click on thumbnail to view images