Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Today is a day of rest, so we decided to go to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, “Home of the World’s deepest geothermal hot springs”, about 40 miles drive north from our campsite in Bayfield. The Great Pagosa Hot Springs were first discovered by the Ute Indians, who named them “Pag Osah”, meaning “boiling water” or “healing water”. Today there are three spas that make use of the water from the same heated underground aquifer which feeds the Great Pagosa Hot Springs. We visited The Springs Resort and Spa with 25 different size hot pools and temperatures. We tested almost all of them during the 2 hours we spent in the hot mineral rich water hoping to heal, relax and rejuvenate our bodies. The Lobster Pot was the hottest at 110 degrees, and Bob’s nose became as red as a lobster. A wonderful place to come for healing, relaxation and rejuvenation, we highly recommend it.