Our Epic Journey Begins…Finally

On Friday, September 27th, I taught my last yoga class at LifeCenter Plus in Hudson, Ohio. It was a memorable class with all my wonderful yogis and yoginis practicing together with me for a final farewell. Then to top it off they had a surprise farewell party for me after class with spectacular vegan food and amazing gifts to send me on my way. Sharing many hugs and tears as we said goodbye, you know you will always be close to my heart.

Our new adventure on our life’s journey began on Sunday, September 29th when we took off in our new home on wheels, aka “Our Sherpa”. Bob’s first test driving this Big Rig was going through the turnstile getting onto the Ohio Turnpike. We are 81/2 ft wide going through a 10 ft opening, it appeared a lot narrower than it looked, but he made it through safely. The E-Z pass that we bought the week before was a godsend, we pulled right on through without having to stop.

Our first night we stayed at Pocono Vacation Park near Delaware Water Gap in eastern PA, where the Appalachian Trail goes through the center of town. I revisited the trailhead where Kevin, Jason and I hiked together 12 years ago during my thru-hike. We couldn’t resist stopping at the Farmer’s Apple Pie Bakery to drool over all the homemade pies. We did breakdown and bought one.