Salt Spring Island

June 21st, Saturday, we left poor Sherpa at the Traveland in Langley to get repaired, and took the ferry over to Salt Spring Island to visit with my sister Sue and Denis at their charming place near Vesuvius on Salt Spring Island. It was like staying in a B&B for three weeks, eating fresh food from their garden, playing pickle ball four times a week and having great meals every day. The weather was hot and sunny most of the time so we went for long swims in the ocean before dinner. Fortunately we were able to watch all the World Cup Soccer games either with Sue and Denis or at a sports bar in Ganges called the Shipstones English Pub. We visited with Byron and Ellie Hender for lunch on their beautiful yacht, Winesk, at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on Salt Spring. Had a gourmet dinner evening at Michelle’s place, eating out on his deck perched on a rock outcropping overlooking the ocean. What a fabulous setting and great company. We hiked through the forest at Channel Ridge, and had great views looking out across the channel. One evening we enjoyed the beautiful voices of the African singers at the church in Ganges. We sadly had to leave Sue’s to continue our journey. We left Salt Spring on July 15th and drove back to Vancouver. What a great time we had together and we will definitely return next year.

Salt Spring Island

Susan and Denis’ Home

Lunch on the Hender’s Yacht

Dinner at Michelle’s House

Touring of Salt Spring Island